Paddle UK Supports The Solar Campaign to Stop Thames Water TDRA

Paddle UK is the National Governing Body for paddlesports in the UK and the membership body for England. The CEO of Paddle UK, Ashley Metcalfe, wrote to Mr Philip Duffy, the CEO of the Environment Agency, about Paddle UK’s opposition to the Thames Water TDRA scheme on social, health and environmental grounds.

We believe that this scheme poses a significant threat to public health as well as the natural environment.
As such, the interests of members, our local paddling clubs and delivery partners based along the River
Thames will be severely impacted.

Ashley Metcalfe, CEO, Paddle UK

Read the full letter here.

Paddle UK has 90,000 members. It represents yet another National Sporting Governing Body questioning the credibility the TDRA scheme. We continue to press Thames Water to show us exactly how they believe this scheme has public support. We are genuinely struggling to find anyone who thinks it has merit given the alternatives.

Ian McNuff, for and on behalf of Save Our Lands and River

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