Help Us Stop Thames Water's TDRA* Scheme Today!

Without community action, this plan will proceed. Join us! We need you!

With the TDRA* scheme, Thames Water plans to:

  • Extract millions of litres of water from the River Thames above Teddington Weir
  • Pump millions of litres of treated sewage into the River Thames
  • Pipejack a 4.5 km tunnel under the streets of Isleworth, Twickenham, Teddington, Ham and Kingston
  • Destroy natural land in St Margarets (Moormead Park), Ham and Kingston to build 8 shafts to access the tunnels
  • Construct large treated sewage discharge and water extraction structures on the Richmond / North Kingston Riverside on the Thames Path National Trail

To get more details see the What is TDRA page.

*TDRA - Tedding Direct River Abstraction scheme.

Invite your local community groups or businesses to join us

If you know or are part of any group or business -- local pub, sports team, charity, anything -- please do the following:

1. Share this invitation letter with them through email, WhatsApp or Facebook. (Or print it out!)
2. Point them to this URL to sign the statement online.

One click, done!

Why does this matter?

Because more groups = more pressure we can exert on Thames Water, Ofwat, Environment Agency, DEFRA to show the level of community support. See who has signed up already. Thank you!

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Support The Campaign!

We are a team of volunteers, giving our own time to stop Thames Water's TDRA. But we need extra support to fight the campaign. And Thames Water has deep pockets.

We are fundraising to hire scientific and legal experts to support our position.

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