Save Our Lands And River in the Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian Newspaper covered Thames Water’s success in bypassing local planning authority to fast-track the TDRA scheme by going straight to DEFRA under a Section 35.

As we explained in this post, this means Thames Water was able to convince DEFRA that this scheme was of national significance. It also means that all local opposition through planning and councils is bypassed.

Thames Water is bypassing local democracy to attempt to push through a controversial water recycling project that campaigners say threatens to increase pollution in the river … Environmental campaigners have raised a number of concerns, such as damage to river systems from the increased water temperatures caused by pumping treated sewage into the river during low flow, a change in the salinity of the river, and the impact on fish and biodiversity.

The Guardian Newspaper, “Thames Water bypassing local opposition in attempt to launch water recycling project“, Sandra Laville, January 11, 2024.

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